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Google Dinosaur Game Hack

Most of us are already familiar with Google Chrome’s no internet connection error message. By turning an error message page into an endless running game, Google is helping you turn your frustration into fun. Here is an easy way to play (with and without the Internet) the same dinosaur game and hacking your dinosaur with immortal and speed hack.

Play the Hidden Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

The good news is that to play this game, you don’t have to disconnect your internet. The bad news is that if you do not have an internet connection, all you can play is play Dino Game.

First, we have to access the Google Chrome error message page. Just open Google Chrome and try visiting a website, if you have no internet. However, Type “chrome://dino” in the chrome address bar, if you have an Internet connection, and it will take you to the game. Dr-Hack shared these steps once before aswell when he shared the Dino 10th Anniversary Cake and Hat Easter

Chrome Dino Game
Chrome Dino Game

Press the space bar to start the dinosaur game. The game is simple to play to jump again, press the space bar. The game aims to jump over cacti and birds (and sometimes duck below). It’s game over, once your dinosaur hits anything.

As you can see in the video at start of the article, you get a ‘Game Over‘ message and are prompted for restart when you hit something. What a great way to pass time.

Do you want to beat the highest score that you made? or how about sharing it with your friends and getting some wowwws ? . Let’s beat all the hi scores.

Hack Google Dinosaur Game to Immortal Dinosaur

Chrome dinosaur game is easy to hack. Just follow these simple steps to achieve your immortal hack.

  • Start your dinosaur on the error message page. To start the game, press the space bar.
  • Once the game begins, right-click and select the “Inspect” to open Chrome DevTools, select the “Console” tab. You can also use Ctrl+Shift+I shortcut, which brings you directly into the DevTools console tab.

    Chrome Console Tab
    Chrome Console Tab
  • Type the command given and press “Enter“>  var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver
  • We’ll need to enter another code on the next line. Enter the code given in front and again hit “Enter” >Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}

    Chrome Dino Game Hack
    Chrome Dino Game Hack
  • Exit Chrome DevTools and return to the game.

    Immortal Dinosaur
    Immortal Dinosaur

The dinosaur, as you can see in the video, is immune to the cacti and goes on like it’s on God Mode, Sit back and look at the points.

Tweaking Speed

It might get boring to watch the Dino run for minutes , how about speeding up the process ? If you want to speed up the dinosaur, in the console tab, enter the following command. Instead of 1000, you can use any other speed.


Disable Google Chrome Dino Game Hack

Return to the original game and disable the immortality hack by entering the following command:

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original


Its good to have fun with such small games while you can show off in-front of your friends, although it would raise some eyebrows if your high score is insanely high. Whats your high score after applying this hack ?


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