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Google Testing Dark Mode for Search

Google search may have dark mode soon

Dark mode is becoming popular these days. Most of the brands turn their websites and apps in dark mode like we have covered Facebook Dark Mode, WhatsApp Dark Mode, Messenger Dark Mode, Twitter Dark Mode, and many more. Google is also making the same efforts to make their apps available in dark mode.

I don’t need to go through the advantages of dark mode as I already shared the benefits of dark mode in WhatsApp Dark Mode. However, most importantly it saves your eyes and battery life and I am a big fan of dark mode.

If you also prefer dark mode, you can also try to get Google Search Dark Mode by following the steps below.

How To Enable Google Search Dark Mode

This is how you can become part of the Google Search Dark Mode Beta

While using Google Search in chrome incognito mode and as we all know Incognito mode works in dark mode by default.

Google Chrome Dark Theme

Google prompted a suggestion to try their Dark mode for google search. Follow these steps to turn on Dark Mode on Google Chrome for PC

  1. Click Settings located below Google search bar
  2. Click Search Settings
  3. Under Appearance, Select Dark theme
Google Search Settings
Google Search Appearance Settings
  1. Voila! You got the Dark Mode for Google Search.

Check out the glance of dark mode below.

Google Search Dark Mode Look
New Google Search Dark Mode

After enabling the option, everything turned dark and grey. However, after closing all tabs, the same dark mode never appeared nor any option to enable or disable it.

It is suggested on internet that the users who are using dark theme/accent in windows 10 or Mac OS are getting an invitation to Test Google Search Dark mode. The same was tried but unfortunately not all PCs got the option of enabling dark mode for google search.

Google is testing out the dark mode for search, it is not certain that it will ever make it out past their testing but let’s hope it does as dark mode is very easy on the eye. Google Chrome already has a dark mode and it would make sense for Google to launch the same for Google search to give a more unified experience.


It’s wait and watch, when it is officially available and this article will be updated whenever that happens or if google confirms that their test period is over and they have no intentions of rolling out this nifty little update.

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