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Which Smartphone you should Buy

Pixel Density

Pixels per square inch (PPI) of a phone’s display. The higher this is, the better the image quality will be on the phone’s screen.So always see the PPI before getting a phone , denser PPI means more vivid and realistic colours of the display. Breakdown of users viewing my sites with various PPI

Rear Camera

We all know what this does and how important it is for all of us , if you are a snap snap person you need a camera with good megapixels and a fast shutter to quickly get your photos done. A factual analysis is that 90% users don’t need a camera greater than 8 Megapixels. Always look towards camera aperture and sensor data, sample pictures, and the DxO Mobile score. These provide unbiased specifications that more accurately reflect image quality than megapixels alone.

Front Camera

In this era of selfies and video chatting apps , Front Cameras have gone great attention aswell. 21 Megapixels is the highest front camera quality available

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