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Which Smartphone you should Buy

Camera Options

This is a very important factor , your Smartphone should support variety of camera options and features , even if it has 21 megapixels under the hood with limited options , your camera is of no use. Various Users of my services had cameras of these options

Random Access Memory ( RAM)

RAM is one of the most important aspect, although its a fact that some brands utilize RAM in such a manner that 1 GB RAM of certain smartphone will out do 2 GB RAM of the other , but it does not mean that you should not look for higher ram , unfortunately I had very few users with RAMs of 8GB in their smartphones. I wonder if it was only me surfing on my One Plus 3T

Battery Capacity

Do not take this aspect lightly , Battery capacity will render your most awesome phone in your hate list if it doesnt last a day. 2724 mAh was the most standard figure I had on my services with few users appearing as 7521 mAh (beasts)

Smartphone Specific Features

You should see if your phone has these features, the more features it has the better it is and you can use it for furthest number of years.

  • DLNA – Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)
  • Memory Card Slot
  • OTG Supported
  • Wireless Charging

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