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Which Smartphone you should Buy

Wireless Connectivity

The types of connectivity your phone lets you make , it can be WiFI,Bluetooth,NFC,IR,LTE etc

Smartphone Sensors

Smartphone uses various sensors to measure things like movement, light, and sound. Sensor technology has come more into focus with the growing emphasis on battery life in modern smartphones. For example, Apple’s M7 co-processor holds an accelorometer, gyroscope, and compass all in one. The processor is separate from the A7, so using the sensors will draw far less energy than a typical phone’s SoC configuration.Some of the majority sensors are

New Sensors which are now appearing are Thermometer and Ultrasonic Sensor. Ultrasonic sensors generate high-frequency sound waves and evaluate the echo which is received back by the sensor, measuring the time interval between sending the signal and receiving the echo to determine the distance to an object.

What to Watch for in Smartphones

  • Don’t buy Smartphone which will soon be Outdated. Brands release their new flagship models annually, so before you go and sign a new two year contract for a new iPhone, make sure the next generation isn’t right around the corner. If you don’t care about the latest phone even in that case you should check if a new model is lined up because it will result in older models to drop their price.
  • Don’t waste your money. Buy what you need, If you look for 4G LTE while the same isn’t covered in your area , whats the point ?
  • The right plan. Some service providers will charge extra for text messaging and for data plans that provide smartphone users with access to the Internet. Evaluate your usage habits and get the right plan

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