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Play Snake Game on Google Maps

Play Classic Game Snake in Google Maps this April Fools’ Day

Google Maps releases classic Snake arcade game to celebrate this year April Fool’s Day. From today through the end of the week this Easter egg will be available. You can play Snake on your desktop or on the smartphone app ‘Maps’ in some major cities worldwide such as Cairo, Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco and Tokyo.

Different cities to play Snakes
Different cities to play Snakes

You can play the game on your desktop browser by visiting standalone site for Snake Game or find the Play Snake option in Google Maps Settings on your smartphone (refer to the GIF below if you have problems).

Google Maps Snake Game
Google Maps Snake Game

Gameplay is like the old game of arcade. The train is used as a substitute of snake which is controlled using your keyboard’s arrow keys. Your goal is to pick train passengers that is done by driving over passengers without hitting yourself on the side of the game board. It makes it a bit harder to maneuver on the screen for each passenger you pick-up as it is getting bigger.

Every city of Google’ version has a few landmarks, which give you extra points for moving over them. For example, you can get bonus points to travel on the Golden Gate Bridge, the Ferry Building and the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

It’s fun and free to play.

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