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[Solved] WhatsApp shows “Waiting for this message.This may take a while.”

How to Fix “Waiting for this message.This may take a while” Error

This is not an Error, and there is no Fix per say a little fix which we can do.

The last beta update of WhatsApp to version 2.16.150 fixes an issue where the “Waiting for this message.this may take a while” would take forever , now it quickly loads the chat and upkeep the integrity of chat.

As per WhatsApp FAQ – the messages will load when the sender of the message gets online and the Encryption system of WhatsApp authenticates the sender of the message, You may also read the Official Explanation by WhatsApp.

How Do You Read Messages Showing “Waiting for this message”

Due to end-to-end encryption, you are required to wait for someone’s phone to come online and properly encrypt the message for you. To speed up this process, ask the person you’re messaging or whose message is showing the placeholder in the group chat to come online and open WhatsApp on their phone. Your messages that were formerly showing “waiting for this message” will be visible and you’ll be able to reply and keep the conversation going once they come online.

Update 2018 : If you see Waiting for this message.This may take a while message in a group chat, click on the user whose message you are seeing and send them a message that will establish end to end encryption and it will likely solve your issue and their message will appear in the group chat aswell.

Fun WhatsApp Fact : [sociallocker]Previous beta version had a spelling mistake and they wrote “Waiting for this message.This may take awhile” instead of “a while” , can’t handle the updates ? :P[/sociallocker]

Above screenshot is WhatsApp Public Group which can accessed using a Link

Facebook Launches WhatsApp for Business and WhatsApp Business for Enterprises


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