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Send WhatsApp message without adding Contact

A simple post to show you how to send a WhatsApp message to someone without adding them in your contacts and without using any third party applications or unofficial WhatsApp version. You can use this message to send WhatsApp message from website aswell. It comes handy when you don’t want to save a number and quickly send a message either from your mobile or when you want to send a WhatsApp from desktop based interface.

Send WhatsApp Message without adding contact

I did search the internet and even the top result of google showed something which didn’t work, rather the method described in that result never worked I do not know how google shows that as an appropriate method. Went to Quora for a working method and again all techniques shared were either wrong or required installing a third party application

Google showing a wrong method as top result
Google showing a wrong method as top result

STEP 1: Add Phone Number in front of

WhatsApp recently introduced a “Click to Chat” feature the main purpose of this feature was that businesses and website owners can list their Business Number so customers can contact them over WhatsApp without the hassle of saving their contact. Use the following URL to send message to any active WhatsApp number without saving :[WHATSAPP NUMBER]

The difference between using and is that you will get a confirmation screen if you use as shown in the image below

WhatsApp Click to Chat
Confirmation shown to send message on WhatsApp

STEP 2 : Hit Enter after adding your WhatsApp Number

Once you have added the WhatsApp where you want to send the message just hit enter, depending on the link you used from above method you will be redirected to WhatsApp and you can simply hit enter to send the message. You can also add a text message , read step 3

STEP 3 : Add a Message to Send

Adding a “text” entity to the links shared above will allow you to type in a message which will be sent automatically. The link will become[WHATSAPP NUMBER]&text=[Hackology.CO]
OR[WHATSAPP NUMBER]&text=[Hackology.CO]

Again, using will directly open your message in WhatsApp with no confirmation.

WhatsApp send message with text without saving contact

Replace [WHATSAPP NUMBER] with the person’s full phone number in international format. Omit any zeroes, brackets or dashes when adding the phone number in international format. [Hackology.CO] is to be replaced with a URL encoded text of whatever text you wanna send

[DEMO] Send a WhatsApp Message without saving Contact

Click the links below and it will send a WhatsApp message to me , You will need to click to unlock the links as I do not want Google Indexing the number and spam messages all day long[sociallocker]

Send a WhatsApp Message to Dr-Hack


What If the number I enter is not on WhatsApp?

It might break the internet if you do that, If you enter a number which Is not on WhatsApp you will be prompted that the number is not on WhatsApp

WhatsApp – The Phone number shared via URL is invalid

Hope this nice simple way helps you because at times we all have to send out a message while not wanting to add a contact.

Auto Message Sender Script for WhatsApp

Currently working on a simple script which will allow users to enter a number and message in a user friendly form so users do not have to copy paste links and all, you may comment below so you are informed when the service is listed

Send WhatsApp Message Without Sending Contact


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