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Hackers hijack WhatsApp and Telegram accounts using SS7 Exploit

Written by Dr-Hack

Telegram and WhatsApp are both known for their security and end-to-end encryption and latest forward way secrecy techniques which secure end user data in a good manner. All these security features still doesn’t stop hackers from Hacking into WhatsApp or Telegram using a very known and old exploit of Signaling System 7 (SS7) .

SS7 Hack / Exploitation has been discussed many time in the Forum(archive.drhack.net), In this post I will show you the Live SS7 Hack Demo and how WhatsApp and Telegram accounts are taken over.

SS7 Hack Demo -Hacking WhatsApp / Telegram

How the Hack is executed ?

WhatsApp Telegram Hack

Above demonstrated hack DOES NOT break WhatsApp and Telegram Encryption rather it exploits the weakness of SS7. This is done by tricking the cellular network into believing that the Attacker’s phone has the same number as the target’s. From there, the attacker would create a new WhatsApp or Telegram account and receive the secret code that authenticates their phone as the legitimate account holder. Keep in mind this technique would literally work on any Network and any Online Messaging Service , once you spoof the number you can pretty much do everything.

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  • Rachid Rajjys

    how can learn more about how to do this hack myself???

  • read about SS7 and MAP Messages and its implementation

  • MrR

    very very good Dr

    for attack we need server SS7 (hardware) or we should hack SS7 server?
    and can you told us name software hack?


  • SS7 (Network Access) …you can not hack SS7 Server but you can manage remote access, depends on your cellular operators around you
    software name is shown in video , MAP Messages SS7

  • hesam pa

    thanks for your answer
    but i can not connect SS7 please help for connect SS7

  • SS7 access … thats the tricky part and no one will be telling that .. because of the massive misuse it can have .. i have guided enough already . maybe this one last thing is yours to find ?

  • hesam pa

    yes… now just i have propblem to conecte SS7.i am Regular user.
    can i call with you in your email?

  • goods news tutorial (y)

  • Shubham Nagdive

    the software want dongle number and another also can’t download please help me bro.

  • Gu Veloso

    To download is necessary to have the dongle number. You could offer downloadable software?

  • no you just have to register for an account

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  • Shubham Nagdive

    they ask the dongle number ..please offer downloadable software..

  • Ruben Dario Pietropaolo

    Hi Dr Hack. I have tried many times to download the software but it has been impossible..it just take me one place to other. Could you put a specific route to do it? Thanks.

  • Inam Ullah

    But it asks for the Dongle number and if I write wrong dongle number it shows error 😐
    Tell me the solution what to do,How to dowload?
    And For the Other software it shows this error
    FTP Etc :/

  • Inam Ullah

    I tried too.

  • i think alot are having issues with a download , i will provide another download option .. in a day or so (weekend)

  • will sort it out and try to give an alternative download option in a days time .

  • sam3oul

    please any one upload MAPS™ SS7 Protocol Emulator and MAPS™ SS7 SIGTRAN for directly Download …

  • jeret christopher

    hi where can i download this software ?

  • Inam Ullah

    Thanks 😉 , I will be in contact with your website.
    Actually I off my vpn and click on zip icon but it downloaded a PDF file not emulator.
    And when i tried to Download ss7 sigitran it asks for DONGLE and Serial, I put many randoms but nothing . Well waiting for the Downloads Thanks 😉

  • guys , give me a day or so will provide alternative download .. these apps are binded HWID’s so need to figure out something

  • Marwen Bahri

    thank you bro u’r the best (y)

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  • sam3oul

    you need a imsi catcher in this methode or not ??

  • sam3oul

    bro you need a imsi catcher or not in this tut ?

  • Safeer Ahmed Bhatti

    Im Unable To Download please provide alternative links

  • Kushagara Jain

    Nice work bruh but for god sake upload those two protocols software to some other place because we all are not able to download it and plus why it is asking for dongle number btw what is a dongle number?

    Waiting for reply

  • Ahmed Salah

    Waiting for the alternative download links,,, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us 🙂

  • Ahmed Salah

    Is the victim and hacker must be in the same “network” means near each other (cell towers)? or it works if they are using the same carrier like both are using “Orange” for example?

  • Poker Face

    would you plz give us the dongle number so we can dowload this software

  • no imsi catcher is not required for this technique

  • Sai Sandeep

    Download is not happening, did any find the alternative solution for that?? And admin where and how did you get those softwares for demo?? Thanks 🙂

  • Morris G N Thimba

    dr hack, pliz email me another link, i will donate 1bitcoin.
    [email protected]

  • Aniket Shah

    please provide alternate download link plz plz plzzzzz
    we won’t ask you more questions, right guys??
    plz bro. 🙂

  • Aniket Shah

    plz send me dirct download link to my mail id : [email protected] plz bro

  • Aniket Shah

    Bro. please can you provide me alternate link to download these softwares… plz. i

  • sam3oul

    thank you bro but we need the link of download

  • well , now this is a good offer :p if the BTC exists can send you app

  • from the internet ofcourse , ppl have been contacting , as i said i will be releasing them soon .. just dont have enough time yet

  • Near Cell Towers = NO
    Same Network = Yes
    atleast in this demo they were users of same Network…

  • your authorization number kind of a serial key

  • ABCZ

    i can also donate BTC contact me here [email protected]

  • Mous

    heelo,thx for this tuto
    the website 4 downloading the soft is vulnerables……
    i have some active dondgle serial withowut signing
    please how we can do the same attack with openss7 or asterisk_gui ???

  • Email me .. a d m i n @ d r h a c k d o t n e t

  • email me

  • sam3oul

    contact me at [email protected]

  • sam3oul

    you need money for this software !! you are ripper you tel me you give a download link in one day hhh no problem also if you need contact me at [email protected]

  • Ahmed Salah

    Now if i need to pay to get this software then no problem for me but please be clear about it, Do we need to pay or you will share it for free?

  • Джон Флайбрідж

    Please, give me alternative link.))) I can pay you. [email protected]

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