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Zong Toolbar and code injection is no more

Zong toolbar which was being fed to its users forcefully irritated a lot of users. Zong Response was not positive initially and the twitter support came up with real alarming response. But after a days time someone from with in the company realized and amends were made.

Zong Toolbar is NO more

Zong has removed their “Zong Toolbar” nor their is any shady code injection in Zong mobile data users. Although the servers containing the code of the toolbar are still online but its quite possible that there might be another use of those servers.

I have to confirm it from other Zong users aswell that they are not injecting any more codes. Another good relieve Zong users will get is less Captcha and robot tests on websites as injected traffic hurts the repute of the IP block (currently Zong has red marked IP ranges)

Zong Officially Endorsed it ?

After seeing no more injections it was obvious for me to ask Zong as the Toolbar page on their website was still live, during our conversation the important stuff mentioned by Zong was :-

Our engineers are working on improving the Toolbar based on your feedback and will ensure all security concerns are properly addressed.

Stay tuned for the updated version in the next few days.

Both options will give one problem to Zong , they will need to introduce a number ownership check system to their extension / application because the toolbar server doesn’t work when connected to any network other then Zong’s own. Company will need to put a system after installing the Plugin / Application it will send out a verification message on a number specified by the user and once authentication is done it will start showing handy info which Zong toolbar use to give out.

Are there any more options to streamline it in a befitting manner ? 


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