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Zong Unethically defending whats wrong

My last post about how Zong is injecting its own code on every website of mobile users generated a debate among the circles, including Zong on Twitter.

How did Zong react on people Questioning ?

Zong reaction was as unethical as the act itself, they had no logical answer and Zong also requested small websites to do review on their “Zong Toolbar” and try to convince people how it is “Ethically Right” , which it is NOT.

How Zong is wrong with its own Logic

After tweeting about this post, the actual talent of Pakistan took this question to Zong. The answers are funny and hilarious.

@AziBaloch asks Zong about their act and well, read it for yourself above 0;). The debate is not even about FB,WhatsApp and Gmail Accounts. Its about “Injecting Code in our Data” without our Permission. It is illegal in the first place and ethically wrong. But it doesn’t stop here .

Zong Illogical TweetsThe toolbar is launched for the customers” – Zong

Zong Toolbar is launched for the customers but customers have no idea and find it breach in their privacy.If companies bigger then Zong can be compromised whats the guarantee that Zong users are not already Hijacked? Again : It is not Legal to inject your own code into end users traffic.

The most funny reply, Zong users please try to “Unsubscribe“. After unsubscribing, the injected code will be still in every non-ssl website source ( Without your permission even after we unsubscribe, you will find this in your source :

Zong Clumsy Reply

Zong tweet above is shows the lack of technical experience, or the lack of awareness what this issue can do. They  tamper with our data and talk about “security & customer privacy in mind“, Joke.
Thanks to all the Tech guys including Rafay Baloch and Abdul Wali for the support.

Ask Zong for an Explanation

Tweet to Zoongers

Lodge a Complaint with PTA

PTA Online Complaint

Service Type > Cellular Mobile Telephony > 3G/4G/LTE Related Issues > 4G/LTE Complaints > CMPAK (its Zong)


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