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PTCL R600a Speed

GadgeIT PTCL Charji Cloud R600A

After my disappointing experience with my previous Charji Cloud , I was forced to look for alternative options. Couldn’t settle for anything less than a 4G, so my only options were Zong and PTCL. Zong ruled itself out during my test use due to its Unethical Tactics. PTCL EVDO was all that I was left with, I got the PTCL EVDO Charji Cloud R600A which is a product of GadgeIT, with hopes that it will prove a better hardware than Huawei.

GadgeIT PTCL Charji Cloud R600A

PTCL Charji Cloud R600A

R600A PTCL Charji Cloud Lights

R600A battery

The device has a limited display comprising of  Power , WiFi  & Signal indicators. All have different colour LED’s which indicate battery life ,WiFi devices connected and Signal Strength.Details are explained in the brochure which comes in its packing.

GadgeIT PTCL Charji R600A Features

The device comes with standard feature list :

  • Device Name : R600A
  • Connects upto 10 Wifi Devices
  • 4G LTE – 36Mbps
  • Supports CDMA2000 1x EV-DO rev.B Standard(Phase 1 & 2)
  • MicroSD Support upto 32GB
  • SD Card sharing over Wifi
  • 2000mAh battery for upto 5 hours of constant usage
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Backward compantible for seamless 9.3 Mbps 3G connectivity

PTCL Charji Cloud R600A Interface

The most interesting thing I noticed was the interface which was really exotic and felt good to the eyes.The Web Admin panel with all its fancy looks lagged and it was not very responsive.

PTCL Admin HomePage

Firmware Upgrade

R600A SMS Settings

PTCL Charji Cloud R600A Speed Test

I conducted a SpeedTest on one of my cellular device while connecting to the new 4G device and the Results were not that bad either.

PTCL R600a Speed

Unlock PTCL Charji Cloud R600A

GadgeIT PTCL Cloud R600A can be unlocked so that we can use Data SIMs of any other cellular company and not be bound to PTCL only.Procedure:


Unlock PTCL Charji Cloud R600A

I have asked for PTCL permission, allowing me to provide unlock tutorial to you guys. Currently waiting for their response, although they sell Locked Devices but there is no restriction in unlocking the device nor its illegal (warranty gets void), I will update this place with the Unlock Code and you can ask for you device as well once response is received from PTCL. Comment below or subscribe so once response arrives I can let you know pronto.


Drawbacks of GadgeIT PTCL Charji Cloud R600A

Few drawbacks I noticed during my use are :

  • It lacks the ability of Port forwarding, so thats a big issue for tech guys and gamers
  • No manual IP binding , again issue or those who want to run a dynamic updated Server for any reason
  • No MAC to IP Binding, so new IP everytime. That is indeed a turn off
  • No Firewall of any sort
  • No bandwidth usage limit option
  • No URL / IP Blacklisting for safe guarding your data
  • No TR-069 or similar protocol allowing remote configuration via ACS(s)

Update: How to Hack PTCL Charji / Wingle / EVdo : [Tutorial] Root PTCL Charji Wingle – Port Forwarding


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  • This is a quality review. Could have been EVEN interesting if you would have included unboxing video, a couple benchmarks test comparing its speeds, battery life with its predecessors and/or its rivals.

    And oh, can you please start reducing the size of the pictures in your posts? Like the ones from the initial post about Zong…it had massive screenshots, even bigger than the mobile itself. It makes it difficult to read.

    PS. Thanks for including my queries about the device.

    Keep up the good work (Y)

  • please let me know how to unlock it i need it badly as ptcl has been banned to provide 4g services by PTA

  • AA. i hav a r600. device is working fine but i am unable to connect to its web interface at at all. all browsers give error” refused to connect.” dont know what’s wrong. could u plz shed some light? as i m unable to change any settings etc. apart from this device is working fine at full speeds.thanks

  • so i pulled the charji device to see the issue and guess what , i can not open the router page aswell .. and when i used IP Scanner to see which all Local ips are running it doesnt return the ping .. very weird indeed … same result even after resetting device

  • Any update on this Dr Hack ? I got the same issue - i can’t find the firmware or instructions to restore firmware on internet either . Any help would be appriciated ?

  • Unfortunately, due to experimenting I have deleted the interface files of my device so the device works but i can not login the admin panel of the device anymore , I was under an impression the firmware has a security check disabling us into doing such editing so now i am without a device to test it anymore . Hard Luck

  • i hav a r600. device is working fine but i am unable to connect to its web interface at at all. if you have any solution pls share

  • ptcl charji zte mf920v firmware found.but unable to find application to writer it on modem

  • I installed this firmware on my device . Webserver is working but no signals problem .
    Any solution ?

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