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[Tutorial] How to make a Ghost Telegram Profile

This tutorial will allow you to make a ‘Ghost Profile in Telegram’ , allowing you to keep a blank name in Telegram , Your Username in Telegram will be invisible at all platforms and will stay that way even when you join a group or channel and everyone will just see a blank profile in Telegram

Since the discovery of my blank reverse character , I have shared similar tricks for WhatsApp, Instagram, LudoStar, Twitter etc. While chatting in an upcoming ICO Group, members of that group asked me to show them how they can make their Telegram Profile as I did. So let’s start with enabling / activating Telegram Ghost Mode.

[Demo] Invisible / Blank Profile on Telegram

Before I dive into the tutorial part, I thought to share some screenshots which will show you how the ghost mode / blank profile will look on Telegram :

Telegram Blank Ghost Profile
Telegram Blank Ghost Profile. Image 1/2 : No name visible next to the display images. Image 3 : When a group is joined it doesnt show the name and just displays “joined the group”

How to make your Blank / Ghost Telegram Profile

Follow these simple steps to make your telegram profile a ghost account

  • Step 1 : Open Telegram and go to Settings
  • Step 2 : Click 3 Dots and select Edit Name
  • Step 3 : Paste Blank Character for Telegram in the Name field and tap the Check. (Blank Character is shared in next paragraph )
    Telegram Blank Profile Edit Name
  • Step 4 : Enjoy your Ghost Telegram Profile 🙂

Download Blank Character for Telegram

Update May 2020 : Telegram updated their back-end to disable blank character, so It took me a day to find another working Blank Character, which will work in keeping blank name on telegram along with sending blank messages… Enjoy !!!

Download the Blank Character for Telegram to make invisible profile and also check out my test Telegram channel with invisible name which you may join to see the code working

Copy the Space visible between the red brackets [ㅤ]

Join our Telegram Channel which has an Invisible Name :

[Guide] Telegram Channel / Group with Blank / Invisible Name

By now you must have figured it out that using the above technique you can very easily use the same blank character and use the same character to have a blank name for your Telegram Channel or Telegram Group. Trick is simple while creating Group / Channel just name it by using the Blank Character you copied from above.

Demo Channel to show Blank / Invisible Telegram Name
Demo Channel to show Blank / Invisible Telegram Name

That is all on how to activate Telegram Ghost Mode by just using the blank character 🙂

If you want to do something similar with some other App or Service let me know , I’ll work that out too …


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