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WhatsApp Quote Reply Feature

WhatsApp has just rolled out a much needed feature its Android Beta users that lets users to reply a message while quoting the source. This is very effective and helpful feature in groups , when the confusion arises about who is replying to whom.The feature is available with WhatsApp Beta version 2.16.118.

How WhatsApp quote feature works

In individual chat or group chat just press and hold to select a single message, once selected a reply sign will appear on top next to the star icon. Tapping the reply sign will automatically quote that message and you can type your reply while quoting

WhatsApp Quote Reply Feature

WhatsApp quote preview

WhatsApp Quote Look

Quote message on reciever

How to get WhatsApp Beta to use quote feature

Join WhatsApp beta tester program to get the latest quote function enabled

Join WhatsApp Beta


Something interesting about WhatsApp revealed

Anyone not on the latest beta version can also receive these quote messages and they appear perfectly fine. Do you know what it Implies ? it implies that WhatsApp is capable to receive anything that is fed into its chat session , i used a very old WhatsApp version and even that displayed the quote perfectly fine. How can a version which never thought of displaying a quote message can still show ? . It means we can do any sort of formatting and feed it to the other side, only thing left figuring is “How” 😉


WhatsApp upcoming Features

WhatsApp next beta launch will be the addition of “Reply to User” feature , it will allow users to tag members in a group chat by using the “@” sign as it is used in Facebook and Twitter. Video calling and GIF support is also in the pipeline.

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