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TikTok Blank Comment

How to Make Blank Comment on TikTok

We have been sharing about How to make the blank name, blank status and blank comment on different social networks lately, so far, we have covered the following:
How to make blank comment on Instagram and Facebook
How to make blank comment on YouTube Channel
How to keep blank name on Instagram
How to make/keep blank comment/status on WhatsApp
How to keep blank name on Telegram
How to keep blank profile on Ludo Star

Today we are going to share how you can make a blank comment on TikTok, or you can say an empty comment on TikTok. We will be using the same special blank character we used on other platforms.

TikTop App

How to make a Blank comment on TikTok

  • Copy the Special Blank Character from below
  • Open the Comments Section of the TikTok Video, where you want to make a comment either on Mobile or PC
  • Paste the Special Blank Character you copied in Step 1
  • Tap the comment or press enter
  • Voila! There is something special comment that is showing just an empty space 😀

Special Blank TikTok Character

Copy the Space visible between the bold brackets [ ‏‏‎ ]

This will work on the TikTok app for Android and iPhone.

After publishing this article, we found that TikTok did not let us post our special blank character since the last update of their app. As soon as we tap the comment icon the blank character is submitted but once rendered on the backend of the server the app returns an error saying “Tap to retry”

TikTok Blank Comment on Video
Blank Comment on TikTok Failed!

Moving on, Don’t worry let’s try other blank tricks aswell, we went on trying other blank characters. For your information, there are many other blank characters known as Whitespace Unicode Characters. After trying all the available blank characters, we failed and TikTok won.

Let’s find something about it on Google, which leads us to another way of posting a blank comment on TikTok that says

Don’t type anything, just press the Mic icon and don’t speak anything, wait a little bit and press back

The above trick was shown as a demo video but trying the same on Android and iPhone didn’t return the results as promised and the same error comes when you try to comment.


After going through all the methods to comment blank on TikTok, we couldn’t find any solution. TikTok has taken measures to encode/decode/render comments to ensure some text must be submitted in a comment where other social media giants failed. Another reason of this post is so that it acts a placeholder for blank comment in TikTok. You can always follow Hackology on TikTok so that you will also be updated when a working trick is discovered.

We will update you as soon as there is a working method of making a Blank comment on TikTok. 


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